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24 October 2004

highlights from Rethinking Schools

1 - You can read select articles from the new issue of "Rethinking Schools"
magazine on our website:

With public education under attack as never before, the voice of Rethinking
Schools is needed more than ever.

Highlights of the new issue include:

* "Sweatshop Accounting" by Larry Steele -- A high school teacher shares lessons
on economic justice with his business-education students.

* "Measuring Water with Justice" by Bob Peterson -- A multidisciplinary lesson
helps elementary students explore the economics, science, and politics that
impact this vital resource.

* "Making History" -- The complete text of John Kerry's historic 1971 testimony
to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, along with discussion questions and
teaching ideas for high school social studies classes.

* Editorial: "A Nation at Risk" -- Private-sector shills are trying their best
to dismantle public education, and our students are being sent off to die in
Iraq. What's at stake this November is not just the future of public education:
We are defending the very concept of a public sector that serves the common

* "No Child Left Behind: The Test" by Stan Karp -- Since today's education
policymakers seem to love this format, Rethinking Schools presents a
multiple-choice test on NCLB. Unlike most tests of this type, this one Unlike
most multiple choice tests, this one actually has some educational value. It's a
great tool for raising NCLB issues with students.

* "Standardizing Imperialism" by Christine Sleeter -- A look at how California's
standards discourage students from looking critically at U.S. foreign policy and
implicitly teach imperialism.

* "The NCLB Zone" by Wayne Au -- Au takes a trip to a strange world -- this one,
unfortunately -- where labeling some teachers as "highly qualified" can lead to
lower-quality teaching.

* "Voucher Supporters Attack Kerry" by Barbara Miner -- Why are pro-voucher
organizations running anti-Kerry ads in African-American communities in swing


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