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24 March 2005

from the desk of Mark Rauterkaus

Hi All,

You, your friends and famiily are invited to a community concert and
rally at 7 pm on Thursday, April 7, 2005, at the 10th Street Holiday
Inn Express on the South Side.

The guest singer / songwritter is a wonderful performer, Johnsmith.
His tune, "Don't Put Me In a Box" makes a great title track that fits
well with my perspective in the campaign for Pennsylvania Senate as a

The venue, with onsite parking, is on the South Side between the 10th
Street Bridge and the Oliver Bath House.

Thanks for the consideration.


Mark Rauterkus
412 298 3432 = cell
Candidate for PA Senate (42nd district) in the special election.
Vote on May 17, 2005.

from the desk of Lynette Taylor-Criego

The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is ACHIEVEMENT!

To that end, your Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter is in need of your assistance. We
have the opportunity to impact the lives of several Black young men in our
community by soliciting their participation in our scholarship Programs.

This year in addition to our monetary awards, we will offer 2 full tuition/four
year scholarships to Black men interested in attending Robert Morris University.
Each scholarship valued at over 15K annually, over four years that is more than

We must be aggressive in our pursuit of qualified applicants! Which is where
you come in. We are asking you to distribute the attached scholarship
application to as many Black families and organizations as possible. We must
identify at least two candidates that meet the requirements of at least a 3.7

Some strategies we are asking you to employ:

1. Forward the application to your church secretary for distribution and
publication in your church bulletin or bulletin board.

2. Contact your local high schools and talk to the principal about identifying
high achieving black men in your alumni school and forward the application.

3. Contact your relatives and friends that have high achieving sons and forward
the application to them.

4. Share the application with co-workers that have sons that are planning to
attend college.

Spread the word, the Nupes are making access to a university degree that much
easier for young black men in our community.

Lynnette Taylor-Criego
Director, Placement Services
Bidwell Training Center
1815 Metropolitan Street

23 March 2005

this worries me...

Undoing the Worrying Habit

Once acquired, the habit of worrying seems hard to stop. We're raised to worry and aren't considered "grown up" until we perfect the art. Teenagers are told: "you'd better start worrying about your future". If your worries (over "adult" matters – job, finances, etc) aren't at least as frequent as your bowel movements, you're seen as irresponsible, childish, aimless. That's a "responsible adult" game rule.

To the extent that worrying is learned/conditioned behaviour, it can be undone. There are psychological gimmicks for undoing the worry habit. There are also obstacles.

Obstacle 1: Happiness Negation....

life has new meming..?

Meme: an information pattern, held in an individual's memory, which is capable of being copied to another individual's memory.

Memetics: the theoretical and empirical science that studies the replication, spread and evolution of memes.

Cultural evolution, including the evolution of knowledge, can be modelled through the same basic principles of variation and selection that underly biological evolution.

This implies a shift from genes as units of biological information to a new type of units of cultural information: memes.

no tube for you!

Brian Montopoli, CJR Daily.
The media coverage of the Schiavo case doesn't
include one important detail: a Texas law that
authorizes health care providers to remove their
patients from life support. Guess who signed it
into law?

22 March 2005

FROM THE DESK OF Andrew Cheeseboro - Financial Literacy Seminar

Andrew Cheeseboro
Director of Employment & Training
Urban League of Pittsburgh
One Smithfield Street, 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2222
412.227.4164 (P)
412.227.4171 (F)
United Way Code # 103

Join us for our World-class Financial Literacy Seminar:
To receive an invitation, leave your name and address at 412.227.4233

The Urban League of Pittsburgh: Empowering Communities - Changing Lives -
Learn more at

21 March 2005

support for our workers in the field

The Human Services Workforce Initiative of the Annie E. Casey Foundation is the first national effort to address the critical condition of the workforce that helps care for America's most disadvantaged children and families.
The initiative highlights the urgent need to recruit and retain workers who have the appropriate training and support to make crucial decisions that affect families. Through its extensive experience in the field, the Casey Foundation has found that a stable, prepared and motivated human services workforce yields real reform and better results for children and families.


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