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13 September 2005

Shakespeare's Sister

Shakespeare's Sister: "In a strange way, Sept. 11 -- despite all the instantaneous proclamations that things would never be the same -- represented a final moment of innocence.

Now catastrophe has befallen another American city, with horrors and losses that may surpass the toppling of the twin towers. And while many people in New Orleans have shown themselves to be brave, generous and decent, this season's disaster has instilled more dread than pride, more anger than unity. Why is the mood so different now? At every level, the vacuum of leadership was appalling, but especially among the national leaders to whom all Americans look at a time of catastrophic peril. As rising waters sank the city, summer vacations in Texas and Wyoming, and shoe shopping on Fifth Avenue, appeared to take priority over the suffering on the Gulf Coast. "

AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: The Ten Worst Jobs in America

AlterNet: Rights and Liberties: The Ten Worst Jobs in America

How about overpaid jobs? How about honest work?
Posted by: BigWiggs on Sep 13, 2005 4:31 AM [Report this comment]
I've lived my entire life in NC until recently moving here to NJ. Of the jobs you have listed I've had two of them as a younger man: picking tobacco and roofing. Yes it is difficult work and hot in the summer, but it is work. In my hometown and my adopted town in NC we had chicken processing plants. That's a dirty job too and it isn't fun, but it's work. Once the textiles went south and tobacco went up in legislative smoke, poultry and swine were the only jobs left in those towns for people with HS educations or less. I have a difficult time with the innuendo that these jobs are evil, deplorable, or unfair to minorities or persons of a lower SES. My home town couldn't have survived without those jobs. My high school friends and neighbors would've been in even further financial troubles if those jobs were not available. Even now residents are being displaced in those jobs by migrant workers without work visas. How would you feel suddenly unemployed when someone who just moved to your home town came in and took your desk job away from you? On the flip side (here in NJ where labor wages are some of the highest in America due to unionization) it's almost impossible for hourly wage earners to live without working 60-80 hours a week. Property taxes, licensing, process fees, union dues, and etc., stifle any opportunity to "get ahead." Just the cost of living requires a 20%-30% increase in wages between moving from NC to NJ. I still can't believe I paid a truck driver a lawyerly hourly rate to tell me he couldn't unload the truck because he was union (losing time and more money on my end) and had to pay another "union" person to unload the truck when I could've done it myself (and it was stuff I owned). Net-net my cost of business went up 30%, a cost I had to pass to my customers and I'm sure they absorbed it by increasing theirs. I'm not a left-winger and certainly not a right-winger. I was a "blue" vote in a "red" state in NC. But some of our party have got to get their heads out of their asses. Bottom line would you rather be unemployed or work one of the "worst jobs?" By focusing on the worst aspects of those jobs you forget why people are there in the first place.


"THE TEN WORST JOBS IN AMERICA Liza Featherstone, AlterNet Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be poultry processors -- or any of the other dangerous, difficult, smelly, low-paying jobs on this list."

People For the American Way

People For the American Way: "Right-Wing Outrage

Observing the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly calls for the nation’s school teachers to show video from New Orleans and draw a stark moral lesson for their students: don’t be like them. Stay in school, work hard, avoid drugs and the “gangsta life,” says O’Reilly, or else you will be “poor and powerless” in the face of a hurricane and flood."

People For the American Way

People For the American Way: "FEMA’s Blessing of Pat Robertson’s Operation


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