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25 June 2006

ABLE: On-Line GED Lesson Plans

ABLE: GED Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

As part of the national training project sponsored by the GEDTS and USDOE, trainers were required to submit a lesson developed based on their training. The criteria were pretty simple develop interesting, GED level lessons that covered three or more content areas of the test. This approach is recommended by the GEDTS. Some of these lessons are included in the binders made available through AdvancE.

Taking this project to the state level, the people trained in Pennsylvania have been required to develop similar lessons. We will begin making these available, as well, through the ABLEsite. Our goal is to post two or three new lessons each week over the next month or two (so check back here often). The hope is that GED instructors will be able to use these to help transition their instruction to adapt to the changes in the GED exam. Also, these should serve as a good example for staff to use in developing lessons on topics that will be particularly interesting to themselves and their learners.

All lessons follow a similar format. Each indicates which content areas are covered as well as the skill level to be developed. The lesson plans also provide objectives, required materials, an outline and script for the lesson plus possible extension or follow-up activities.

If you have any questions, requests, or comments, please contact Chuck Klinger at (717) 248-4942 or


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