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18 June 2005

1000 DAYS OF THEORY- Editors: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker

21st Century Graffiti: Detroit Tagging

"The Renaissance Center did not revive the river area, and there's no reason to believe Compuware will save downtown. Like the Renaissance Center, the current grand scope of corporate IT structure in downtown Detroit, aligned with the city's other grand gestures towards sports entertainment, have had little impact on the almost 800,000 residents' economic futures. Burnt out buildings, abandoned homes, and empty storefronts are still the norm. The anticipated domino effect of development never materializes. Thus, despite his securing of the 2005 Super Bowl and The Final Four -- the 2009 collegiate basketball event -- for the city to host, Detroit's mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is still named by _Time Magazine_ as the country's worst mayor. Sports attractions meant to lure further investment into the city have not generated substantial change. Why don't such efforts revive urban life anymore? "


17 June 2005


In nonprofits, being a good fiduciary requires us to consider all
of the current and future potential consequences of our resource
decisions (to the best of our ability) and to consider how a
decision we make affects the larger effort we are a part of (few
of us work in any field of endeavor where we are the lone actor).
So, you have a tall order indeed. There is a saying in systems
thinking circles -- "morality is foresight." This is a concept
well worth thinking about in nonprofit governance.

This is what "the common good" is all about. This extra load of
consideration is why we have our tax-exempt status -- in theory
anyway. Fiduciary responsibility is more than a monitoring
function and it looks at more than the financial bottom line.


Responding to the “Shrink, Shift, and Shaft” Tax Cut Agenda
A highly partisan and successful agenda to cut government by cutting taxes has left taxpayers with meager gains and communities with an increasingly unmanageable burden. Some affected are organizing to roll back the disproportionate burden that falls on the disadvantaged and those in need.
by Chuck Collins

16 June 2005

Message from Randi Rhodes

Message from Randi Rhodes


* Downing Street Memos...Bush to Blair: "It's called a shredder, look into it."
* Guantanamo Bay...Come for the torture, stay for the rice pilaf.
* Terri Schiavo Autopsy...A clear message to the Rapture-Right: Stick to what you know - starting illegal wars, eroding civil liberties, bombing womens' health clinics, violating Georgia farm animals, etc.
* 20 Senators Don't Endorse Anti-Lynching Resolution...It's not that they're pro-lynching, just not so much anti-lynching.
* Republicans Punish Dem House Members...Hell, it's a lot easier than rigging 435 elections every two years. At least for now, that is.
* Howard Dean...Putting the "man" back into "Chairman." Give 'em hell, Howie!


Wired to Eat

Wired to Eat: "Madison 'Mad' Nena nibbles on a tangerine picked from his garden on Kosrae, a tiny volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean some 4,670 kilometers southwest of Hawaii. The 53-year-old Nena is a rarity here. He's thin in a place where fatty, sugary foods imported from the United States have caused an alarming number of people to inflate like dirigibles; obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease have struck the island's 7,600 residents hard. Why Nena has stayed thin, and others have not, has drawn American researchers from Rockefeller University in New York City to this 109-square-kilometer patch of jungles, white beaches, mangrove swamps, and quiet villages for more than a decade, in a quest to tease out the genetic and molecular mechanisms of why humans are compelled to eat. And sometimes to eat and eat, far beyond what is healthy."

MSN Hotmail - Message

"* Ghana: Communities raise concerns about environmental & health impacts of AngloGold Ashanti & Newmont operations - Also included: Response by AngloGold Ashanti - Newmont have also been invited to respond. If we receive a response we will include it in a future update."

* China:
Report on working conditions at toy factories now available in English
- Also included: Responses to the report & follow-up actions by TOP-TOY and BRIO
- Co-op have said they will provide a response. When we receive their response we will include it in a future Update.

* Sudan: Further to our 11 May Update - Response by Lahmeyer Intl. to Intl. Rivers Network & Corner House report raising concerns about Merowe/Hamadab Dam project

* Sri Lanka: Further to our 25 May Update - Labour issues in garment
- Intl. Textile, Garment & Leather Workers’ Federation (ITGLWF) response to GP Garments 24 May letter (GP Garments letter also provided)- ITGLWF files OECD Guidelines complaint against GP Garments

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
( is the world's largest online library on the subject. We are an independent, non-political, non-profit organisation promoting greater awareness of issues relating to business and human rights.

15 June 2005

Implicit Association Test

Implicit Association Test: "Age ('Young - Old' IAT).

This IAT requires the ability to distinguish old from young faces. This test often indicates that Americans have automatic preference for young over old."

12 June 2005

The Fake News Cycle - Center for Media and Democracy

The Fake News Cycle - Center for Media and Democracy: "The Fake News Cycle

How does a video news release get from the drawing board to the six o'clock news? It takes a few good publicists and a few bad journalists. Here's the five-step process of a standard VNR:"

Media Reform Information Center

Media Reform Information Center:

"In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the U.S. At the time, Ben Bagdikian was called 'alarmist' for pointing this out in his book, The Media Monopoly.
In his 4th edition, published in 1992, he wrote 'in the U.S., fewer than two dozen of these extraordinary creatures own and operate 90% of the mass media' -- controlling almost all of America's newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, books, records, movies, videos, wire services and photo agencies.
He predicted then that eventually this number would fall to about half a dozen companies."


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