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11 January 2005

from the desk of Will Moody

Full Medical Scholarships for African Americans

Please pass this on to any African American who may be interested in a
free medical degree. Washington University in St. Louis, the Medical
School, now ranked number 2 (along with Baltimore's John's Hopkins
University Medical School) has scholarships to award to bright black
Americans. The students that are chosen will be awarded full tuition
for 4 yrs - $30,000.00 per year plus $2,500.00 stipend.

Check them out on the Web. Washington University Home page
www.wustl.edu_ (
For Complete instructions and deadlines for applying, call the office of
undergraduate Admission at (800)638-0700 or (314)935-6087. To view the
application and to obtain more information you can also visit their web
site at http://admissions.wustledu (

The Ervin Scholars Program selection committee evaluates all
Applications and invites finalists to Washington University for
interviews in the spring. The University pays all travel and interview

John B. Ervin Scholars Program _ervin@wustl.edu_

Dorothy Elliott Associate Director, John B. Ervin Scholars Program PH
314-935-7192 Fax:314-935-5875

Adrienna L. Glore, Associate Dean for Students, 314-935-5040 E-mail:
glore@dosa.wustl.edu_ (

    If you know of any Black American that would like to apply please
this with them. BDPA Richmond: Visit our web site for more information
_ http://www.bdparichmondorg_ (
http://www.bdparichmondorg/) (804)751-517

from the desk of ....?


Johns Hopkins has recently sent this out in their newsletters.

This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Dioxin Carcinogens cause cancer. Especially breast cancer.
Don't freeze plastic water bottles with water in them as this also releases dioxin from
the plastic. Dr. Edward Fujimoto from Castle hospital was on a TV
program explaining this health hazard. (He is the manager of the Wellness
Program at the hospital.) He was talking about dioxins and how bad they
are for us.
He said we should not heat our food in the microwave using plastic
containers. This applies particularly to foods that contain fat. He said
that the combination of fat, high heat and plastics releases dioxin into
the food and ultimately into the cells of the body Dioxin are carcinogens
and highly toxic to the cells of our bodies. Instead, he recommends using
glass, Corning Ware, or ceramic containers for heating food. You get the
same results .without the dioxin.

So such things as TV dinners, instant ramen and soups, etc., should be
removed from the container and heated in something else. Paper isn't bad
but you don't know what is in the paper. Just safer to use tempered glass,
Corning Ware, etc.

Remember when some of the fast food restaurants moved away from the foam
containers to paper? The dioxin problem is one of the reasons.
To add to this: Saran wrap placed over foods as they are nuked, with the
high heat, actually drips poisonous toxins into the food, use paper towels

Please pass this on to your family & friends, & those who are important in
your life.

...Dannai Harriel pt.2

Communications In The Arts

A seminar series with Andrew W. Thornhill

This series of seminars and discussions is designed to help arts
organizations, artists, media outlets and local businesses gain greater
advantage from their communications planning and implementation.

The first Seminar

Marketing Planning - Advertising, Graphics, Media Relations (Publicity),
Public Relations, Community Relations, Trade Relations, Special Events,

 Saturday, January 8, 2005 - 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM

 Open to the public – Only $20 Per person

Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) Homewood - Brushton Branch - 701 N. Homewood Avenue
For information or directions, call (412) 371-1600

Media Partner: Pittsburgh Community Television,

Refreshments will be served

Our presenter, Andrew W. Thornhill, has 30 years in the communications
industry and the components of the program.  You can gain insight, ask
questions and plan your strategy – at a minimal cost!

Mark Your Calendar!- 5 More Seminars!

From basic media choices to the benefits of sophisticated corporate
sponsorship, this series will guide each participant to a better
understanding of the marketing, media and communications world and the
skills to be successful.  Be sure to ask about our field trips to Chicago
and Las Vegas!

The next Seminars

2. HOW TO DO IT. – February 12

Concept, Project Outline, Calendar, Project Research, Start Small, Imagine Big!, Break, Planning Methods, Ready To Go, Partners, Contractors, Web Sites


Corporate Sponsorship for the Arts - Getting Started, The Role of the
Warrior, Serious Planning, Business Relations, Integrated Marketing. 
Sponsor Relations - Administration, Continuity, Presentation
Radio, Television, Newspaper, Magazine, Internet

4. PAID MEDIA – April (TBA)

Radio, Television, Newspaper, Magazine, Internet


Flyer, Newsletter, Internet, Radio, Magazine, Television


Digital Media, Digital Television

The Communications in the Arts Seminars are made possible by support from
the Pittsburgh Center for Communications in the Arts

Communications In The Arts Seminars are offered nationally in association
with Performance School, Inc. - David Mills, Ph.D., Producer –
Copyright © Andrew W. Thornhill, 2000-2004, All Rights Reserved

fron the desk of Andrew Cheeseboro

The Urban League of Pittsburgh
Announces a New Employment Program

The National Urban League has received funding through the U.S. Department of Labor to provide career preparation and meaningful unsubsidized employment to “high risk” out of school and or adjudicated youth ages 18-21. The 18 to 21 year old population suffers from a 48% unemployment rate in the Pittsburgh area. As a result, this program focus will have an impact in the area with the greatest need.

The Urban Youth Empowerment Program (UYEP) will work with the youth to enhance their skills and provide on the job training so that they can get a good paying job.

The Urban League of Pittsburgh is pleased that it is one of fifteen affiliates of the National Urban League to be awarded a $500,000 grant to manage the UYEP contract in Pittsburgh.

The program will provide youth with intensive case management, computer training, community service, mentoring, internships and on the job training.

The Urban League of Pittsburgh is partnering with the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board ( and other community organizations in implementing the UYEP contract.

A community advisory committee chaired by Tim E. Nettles, Vice President/General Manager of Enterprise Rent a Car Corporation of Pennsylvania will oversee the initiative.

The community advisory committee also includes Kim Berkeley Clark, Supervising Judge of Juvenile Court of Allegheny County, Ronnie Bryant, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, Edward Mulvey, Professor of Psychiatry at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, John Rohm, Regional Vice President of Clear Channel Radio and other committed members of our community.

The Urban League of Pittsburgh within the next two weeks is seeking to hire people to staff this program. They are looking for good candidates for a Project Director, Case Managers, a Job Developer and an Administrative Assistant.

10 January 2005

from the desk of Dannai Harriel

Thanks for the 1st entry of the year- j.

Healthy Community

As part of its ongoing goal of improving the health care of women and their families, Magee-Womens Hospital recognizes the importance of establishing community-based health education. In order to increase access to health education for low income and urban women, Magee-Womens Hospital now offers a series of health classes in a variety of community settings. These programs are designed to offer health information useful for women and their families. Each program is designed for learning through participation in discussions, displays and videos.

Enclosed is a list of the health topics. These classes will be at no cost to your organization or participants, except where noted. Good will offerings are gratefully accepted and are applied to future programming. Presentations will last from 1-2 hours depending on the topic unless otherwise noted.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. For information, please contact us by phone at 412-641-4482 or 412-641-1047.

Magee Womens Hospital



Breast Health
Includes discussion of the importance of early detection as the best protection in combating breast cancer successfully. Facilitators use breast models and videos to advance the discussion, and breast cancer survivors tell their stories.

Intimate Partner Violence
Defines in depth what domestic violence is, recognizing risk, decreasing risk to self and family, and how to safely seek help. Can also address the special aspects of dating violence when presented for adolescents.

Sexually Transmitted Infections/Safer Sex
Includes information on recognition, diagnosis and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. Protection and risky behaviors will be discussed. Long term consequences to health and reproduction will be reviewed. A frank discussion about HIV infection and AIDS is included. Protecting oneself, partner and unborn child from this serious threat to health and life as well as testing and treatment are addressed.

Healthy Lifestyles
A basic review of what contributes to the health of a woman's mind, body and spirit. Topics include: good eating habits, coping with stress, feeling fit, safety concerns and beating the blues.

Label Reading and Smart Shopping
Learn the latest tips for comparison shopping for food items. Using product information labels and recognizing store marketing strategies can help you get to the checkout counter.

The Second Half: A Unique Experience
Health goals change as lifestyles change in the second half of life. Beginning with menopause, this discussion will focus on adjustments in diet, rest and recreation for well being. The importance of continuing with women's health care check ups will be addressed. Bone health and heart health for women can be included or addressed separately in greater depth.

Stress Management
A basic review of what stress is, how it can affect individuals both emotionally and physically; and some of the various ways of coping successfully. Recognizing signs of depression in oneself or a loved one and seeking treatment are included.

Babysitting Basics
Practical tips for 10-14 year olds on getting started with babysitting, working with babies and children and minor home emergency situations including relieving choking and making an emergency phone call. (Approximately 4 hours in one or two sessions.)

Methods of Family Planning
The reasons for seeking effective methods of birth control will be discussed. The advantages and drawbacks of the various methods available will be illustrated with models and examples of each method.

Pediatric Basic Life Support-Infant/Child CPR for Families
The American Heart Association program, taught by an approved instructor, will offer the basics in home safety, and recognizing and treating life threatening events involving infants and children. (Approximately 4 hours in one or two sessions)

A one hour demonstration of relieving choking, home safety and getting help in an emergency may be arranged.

Healthy Origins-Childbirth Preparation
Offered as a series, this program covers pregnancy, birth, and parenting with each topic centered session. Facilitated by a certified childbirth educator (Lamaze, International), a wide variety of videos, models and posters will add to the discussions and practice sessions. Tours of the Magee-Womens Hospital Womancare Birth Center may be arranged.

Review sessions for parents who attended classes with their first children, and are now welcoming a second (or more) child, may also be arranged.

Prenatal, Postpartum and Early Parenting Support
From the joys and discomforts of pregnancy to the roles of parents in rearing healthy children, new parents have questions. These informal groups can set meeting times to learn and share in the offices of any of the Magee-Women's Neighborhood Centers.

Baby on the Way: Children welcoming new brothers and sisters
Becoming a big brother or sister is a special event. This program can help children adjust to their mothers' hospital stays and to the new baby. Parents and children can hold and diaper soft cloth dolls and see a special video for “Big Kids.”

Growing Up Together for Daughters
Parents who want to be involved in helping their daughters with the confusing changes of growing up will want to attend this program. Facilitators encourage communication between parents and children regarding the normal processes of early adolescent sexuality. Suggested for ages 8 through 12 years.

A second program may be offered to 13 through 16 year olds and their parents, dealing with issues of sexual responsibility, dating, decision making, and pregnancy prevention.

Planet Future
Planning and following a course for the future is not always easy-especially for a young teen. Through small group activities, informal mentoring, and a little self expression through art, youngsters can raise their awareness of the possibilities for their personal goals.

Your suggestions on additional health topics are welcome.

Program Coordinators: E. Hughes and D. Chiaverini
Telephone: (412) 641-1047 for information

We look forward to hearing from you.

Diana Chiaverini, RN, MEd
Program Coordinator

Ebony Hughes, RN
Program Coordinator


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