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3 July 2008

Can't telecommute? Watch this!


(VIDEO: Click to watch's interview with author Tim Ferriss)

With gas prices soaring and seemingly no end in site, drivers are going to great pains to save at the pump. But it seems something obvious has been overlooked: skipping the commute and working from home. Fewer than 10 percent of Americans work from home even one day per week.

Much of the resistence of telecommuting comes from companies and bosses who don't trust their employees. New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss, who wrote The 4 Hour Workweek, has some tips for getting around that obstacle. You can watch the video by clicking here. It was produced by NBC's Andrew Gross and Colleen Sanvido, and edited by David Bentley. The three-dimensional graphics come courtesty of NBC's Patrick Longstreth.

You can read about Tim Ferriss' telecommuting tips by clicking here.

The Red Tape Chronicles 7/2/08 12:23 PM Bob Sullivan

2 July 2008

Britons 'need £13k' to earn a decent standard of living

It is no longer possible to fund an 'acceptable standard of living' on the National Minimum Wage, a new study has revealed. Implying that thousands more households than previously estimated are left coping with life below the poverty line.

Channel: News Tags: UK poverty standard of living income Britain Hot Stories 7/2/08 6:40 PM digitalfever Array Array Array Array Array Comments

Cairo's gated compounds show rich-poor gulf

PALM HILLS, Egypt (Reuters) - The four-wheel-drives outside the terracotta villas include a Lexus and a Porsche, and under the shade of the palms and the bright red poinciana trees men in liveried overalls are buffing them to a shine.
Reuters: International News 7/2/08 8:44 PM worldNews

30 June 2008

Soldiers Battle with Cold Medicines

CAMP CASEY, South Korea — Pfc. Stephen Wanser's typical Saturday breakfasts were the same as his Friday night dinners: 16 Coricidin Cold and Cough pills, water or soda optional.
Stars and Stripes 6/30/08 9:23 PM

29 June 2008

Festival de cine francés


La gran pregunta del sábado por la noche no es ¿qué hacer? sino ¿cómo costear una recreación mayoritariamente en pesos convertibles? Para una pareja joven, el acto de ir a una discoteca puede significar –como mínimo- la erogación de diez "chavitos". De ahí que las fiestas house o las películas del sábado resulten mejor para el bolsillo. Yo me entretengo con los amigos que vienen a la casa y de vez en cuando me voy al malecón, que sigue siendo gratis. Me sumo a veces a los jóvenes que se reúnen en la intersección de 23 y G para pasar la noche conversando, cantando en voz alta y caminando de un lado a otro.

Por eso me siento feliz cuando llega el Festival de Cine Francés y con sólo pagar un subsidiado precio, logro entretenerme algunas noches. Eso sí, nada de tomarse una cervecita a la salida del filme "99 F" o de la comedia "Usted es realmente guapo", porque eso podría significar el salario de un día de trabajo. Después de las funciones, nos quedamos mosqueando en las afueras del Chaplin o nos vamos a casa. El anuncio de la semana de cine alemán me tranquiliza: al menos durante algunos días, divertirse no significará hacerse el harakiri.

Generación Y 6/26/08 6:09 AM Yoani Sanchez Generación Y Comments

Kanji Lessons

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Welcome to summer! With the longest days upon us, it seems fitting to take a look at the character for "long":

(CHŌ, naga(i): long)

This kanji can also mean "chief, head, leader," but today, for the most part, I'm only interested in its length. I love how elongates the following things in the most charming of ways:

  (ana: hole)  
  shortarrow.jpg     長穴
  (naga-ana: slot)  
  (en or maru: circle)  
  shortarrow.jpg     長円
  (chōen: ellipse, oval)  
  (kutsu: shoes)  
  shortarrow.jpg     長靴
  (nagagutsu: boots)  
  (isu: chair)  
  shortarrow.jpg     長椅子
  (nagaisu: couch)  

The compound 椅子 (isu: chair) breaks down as chair + noun suffix relating to objects such as furniture. Wow, that breakdown was long even without there to elongate it!

Here's my favorite transformation:

  (imo: potato)            
  shortarrow.jpg     長芋          
  (nagaimo: yam)         

Yes, that's true! A yam is longer than a potato! I'd never thought about it before.
(more̷ ;) Blog 6/27/08 6:23 AM Eve Kushner Kanji Curiosity Comments


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