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3 July 2008

Can't telecommute? Watch this!


(VIDEO: Click to watch's interview with author Tim Ferriss)

With gas prices soaring and seemingly no end in site, drivers are going to great pains to save at the pump. But it seems something obvious has been overlooked: skipping the commute and working from home. Fewer than 10 percent of Americans work from home even one day per week.

Much of the resistence of telecommuting comes from companies and bosses who don't trust their employees. New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferriss, who wrote The 4 Hour Workweek, has some tips for getting around that obstacle. You can watch the video by clicking here. It was produced by NBC's Andrew Gross and Colleen Sanvido, and edited by David Bentley. The three-dimensional graphics come courtesty of NBC's Patrick Longstreth.

You can read about Tim Ferriss' telecommuting tips by clicking here.

The Red Tape Chronicles 7/2/08 12:23 PM Bob Sullivan

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