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21 January 2005

career opportunity passed on by Bill Freed

The Aliquippa Alliance for Unity and Development is seeking a Workforce Development Program Assistant. This is a full time position with benefits and salary of $22,000.


Job Developer/Retention Specialist- Full-time position for area non-profit in Aliquippa. Duties include development and implementation of workforce retention program and establishing partnerships with area businesses for referral of workforce participants. Transportation, computer literacy, and relevant experience necessary.  Associate degree required and Bachelor’s preferred. Salary Mid 20’s plus benefits. Fax resume to: 724 378-9809, email to or call 724 378-7422.
Maureen Morelli
Franklin Center Director
Aliquippa Alliance for Unity and Development
524 Franklin Avenue
Aliquippa, PA 15001
Ph: 724-378-2882

• Experience working with non-profit organization or job placement services company or human resources experience
• Computer literacy a must
• Associates degree required, Bachelors degree preferred

Duties include
• Assisting Workforce Coordinator in the intake & assessment of clients
• Provide coverage for Franklin Center Resource Room
• Assist clients with CareerLink Access Point training and support
• Conduct follow-up calls for Workforce Program participants
• Collect mandatory data for reporting entities
• Assist Workforce Coordinator in daily duties as assigned

Skills Required
• Proven track record of working with diverse populations
• Ability to motivate clients while creating a positive work environment
• Ability to work in a group in a collaborative effort
• Flexibility
• Ability to multi-task
• Experience with resume writing/design

(As posted in the media):
Program Assistant. – Full time position for non-profit workforce program in Aliquippa-duties include intake and assessment, assisting clients in CareerLink access, data collection , quarterly reporting and workshop coordination. Resume writing/design & computer literacy a must. Associate degree required, Bachelors preferred. Salary low 20’s plus benefits including medical.

Background Info:


The Mission of the Aliquippa Alliance for Unity and Development:

“to ensure the delivery of human services, workforce development and supplemental public school opportunities for Aliquippa and the surrounding area.”


The Aliquippa Alliance for Unity and Development (AAUD) has provided leadership in community and economic development since 1984. The AAUD was created in response one of the largest cases of de-industrialization in US history - the closing of LTV Corporation’s Aliquippa Works. The loss of 14,000 steel jobs left the city devastated. Located in the heart of Aliquippa, PA, the AAUD has insured access to human service programs, housing, medical care, banking services, business financial assistance, educational opportunities, the arts, and workforce development for those in need. The AAUD continues to serve as a strong voice of advocacy for community recovery initiatives.

In all areas, the Aliquippa Alliance for Unity and Development collaborates with other agencies, businesses, and individuals who share the goal of making life better for the citizens of Aliquippa and the surrounding area.


19 January 2005


Please note that we are still looking for a good case manager and job developer for the Urban Youth Empowerment Program. Send through your

With Appreciation,

Andrew Cheeseboro
Director of Employment and Training
Urban League of Pittsburgh, Inc.
One Smithfield Street, 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412.227.4164 (P)
412.227.4171 (F)
United Way Code # 103

Please join us at the annual Urban League Sunday on February 13, 2005, at Central Baptist Church, 2200 Wylie Avenue in the Hill District.

The Urban League of Pittsburgh: Empowering Communities - Changing Lives -
Learn more at


Don't think of this as a job, but as a career.

The Urban League of Pittsburgh, in collaboration with EAT 'N PARK, is looking for individuals for:


Information Session
Thursday January 20, 2005 10am to 12pm
Urban League of Pittsburgh
One Smithfield St., Third Floor
Conference Room B
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Call (412) 227-4172 for more information.


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