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26 July 2006

Mobility and Workforce Development Specialist

Position: Mobility and Workforce Development Specialist
Location: 425 Sixth Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Reports To: TRWIB Chief Operating Officer

TRWIB, Inc. (Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board)
Interested parties can send resume and cover letter to McCrae Holliday, COO,
at or at 425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 650, Pittsburgh PA 15219.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Create or cause to be created a database of jobseekers and job orders by working with the local CareerLink offices in order to better understand where the workers and the jobs are located in the region.
• Using GIS, produce a map of job growth, transit availability and worker location in the region.
• Create and implement a survey of jobseekers using the CareerLink system
• Develop a workforce analysis worksheet to be used by municipalities when determining the impact of proposed developments.
• Develop and implement a plan to integrate workforce analysis worksheet into the local municipalities
• Develop an employer relocation packet that connects new employers to workforce and transportation
• Provide ongoing assistance to the Access to Work Interagency Cooperative
• Develop an understanding of current programs that encourage employer support/investment in employee transportation needs.
• Prepare a weekly report that summarizes activities, objectives and time spent as required for grant related activities.
• Report regularly (bi-weekly meetings) with the designated project steering committee
• Other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Knowledge or ability to learn assigned geographic area(s) and the current transportation services available.
• Ability to read maps and transportation schedules.
• Strong computer skills, including knowledge of Internet and knowledge of CIS/GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
• Excellent communication and presentation skills.
• Effective interpersonal skills, respecting diversity and working with people.
• Ability to work autonomously, with little supervision and manage multiple tasks.

Education/Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in related field*, plus a strong knowledge of the Pittsburgh area and/or experience in the area of workforce development and/or transportation policy is preferred.
Any equivalent experience which provides the knowledge, skills and abilities to fulfill the job requirements.


$36,000-$40,000/annually depending on experience

CareerJournal | 2006 Best Careers: The Results Are In

CareerJournal | 2006 Best Careers: The Results Are In

What are the best careers? found out by asking people what makes them satisfied in their careers and then finding careers with those qualities. Here are the results (in alphabetical order):

* Curriculum and instructional coordinators
* High-school special-education teachers
* Hospital and clinic managers
* Management consultants and analysts
* Medical researchers
* Physical therapists
* Sales, marketing and advertising managers
* Social workers, counselors and related managers

Best Careers Profiles
• Health-Clinic Executive
• Social-Work Manager
• Management Consultant
• Special-Ed Teacher

How did we get this list? CareerJournal teamed with polling company Harris Interactive, to survey U.S. adults and find what qualities are most common in the jobs of highly satisfied career-focused people. The four attributes cited most were:

• Good intellectual stimulation
• Strong job security
• High level of control and freedom in what to do
• Extensive direct contact with customers/clients


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