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14 July 2005


Innovative Thinking in the Nonprofit Sector

July 2005, Issue 49

Dear Friends:

The reason why I like my job is that I get to meet lots of people
who are both good AND interesting. This is not an automatic
pairing, of course. This is why if you really like "interesting"
your personal life can end up in shambles -- 'nuff said I guess.

Anyway, so when I ran into Owen Heiserman in Missouri I
recognized someone (both good and interesting) who likes to jump
into stuff with all four feet, but who has the capacity to
reflect in public in a way that helps the rest of us learn, and
then welcomes feedback.

So I thought I would share with you the paper that he gave at the
Boards and Beyond Conference. In it he discusses some of the more
badly behaved boards he has seen at the helm of community action
agencies (CAAs); and really some of the stories he tells in it
are just plain sad but -- we can all learn from them, community-
based organization or not.

11 July 2005

Why Work? // Featured Essay

Why Work? // Featured Essay: "Toffler says much the same in Power/Shift: 'In the industrial world, the paycheck became the basic tool of social control.'

Control for what? you may freely enquire. To keep the rich rich (and 'growing' richer), the poor poor, and the invidious comparison between the two alive. Why this setup and not something else? A dangerous question. What are the sources of greed in a world of plenty? Material for an answer, heavy with schooling, 'socialization,' custom, culture, tips and falls into the Unconscious."


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