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24 August 2005

Humdrum High

Humdrum High

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Wolfgang W. Halbig Administrator
08/19/2005 2:32PM

Without a doubt teachers are ready and prepared to teach on a daily basis. The student who is coming to school today is not the same student who came to school 25 years ago. Today, these kids think that they have a sense of entitlement for easy grades and less work. Overall they are lazy, and it starts at the Elemetary schools which now have parents doing their projects and assignments. Man this is great I will get an A.
Poor work ethics. Having to pay your kids to get good grades, electives all over the place so if they fail they will take it over. If teachers today truly held students accountable for their grades, the failure rate would be enourmous. We have open book test's now, we allow them to take their test at home, we give them extra assignments for extra credit, block schedule so they now do their homework in class. Their lazy and we allow it. They know it or they would get to work.

Student Preparation Seen to Fall Short of College Expectations

Student Preparation Seen to Fall Short of College Expectations
By Debra Viadero

Even though more than 80 percent of the 80,000-plus high school students responding to a recent survey expect to go to college after graduation, far fewer are shouldering the kind of academic preparation they need to succeed there, the survey results suggest.

“I think our data give a wake-up call to high schools to say we need to make our courses more challenging,” said Martha M. McCarthy, the director of the High School Survey of Student Engagement, which is conducted every spring by Indiana University Bloomington. This year’s results were released Aug. 17.

22 August 2005

NPQ - Current Issue - Building the (Co-) Ownership Society

"...Broadly, I think we are going through a systemic crisis, not simply a political crisis. And by that I mean that the assumptions that people have had for the last three decades about the relationship between politics, social and economic programs, and the economy are now radically out of date. And I don’t think the pendulum is going to swing back in any serious way..."



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