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19 July 2005

The Male Privilege Checklist

The Male Privilege Checklist:

"An internet acquaintance of mine once wrote, 'The first big privilege which whites, males, people in upper economic classes, the able bodied, the straight (I think one or two of those will cover most of us) can work to alleviate is the privilege to be oblivious to privilege.' This checklist is, I hope, a step towards helping men to give up the 'first big privilege.'

The Male Privilege Checklist"


MSN Hotmail - Message:

"Family owned business located in East Pittsburgh is looking for a staff accountant.
The position requires a BA degree in accounting, and candidate must have one to two years of experience in payroll, quickbooks, excel, and billing.
Self-direction and independent work habits are necessary. Experience with governmental accounting is a plus.
The salary range is the mid to upper twenties.
All interested candidates must send a cover letter with salary requirements plus resume to:

Shannon J. Gregg, CPP

Board Certified in Security Management



Gregg Services, chosen by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the 30 Best Places to Work 2004, is celebrating its 38th year in business."


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