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4 August 2008

How to Learn-a-Palooza

This past May in Washington, D.C., people came together in the neighborhoods of Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle to teach each other everything they know.  Literally. 

Learn-a-Palooza is a one-day event in which temporary classrooms are set up across Washington D.C., and regular people share their knowledge and skills with their neighbors for free.  This is the second year for the knowledge bonanza, intended to bring communities together, and workshop topics ranged from everything from "Personal Finance for Young People," to "How to Be a Brazen Burlesque Dancer."

For this Idealist Community Podcast, Julia Smith attended Learn-a-Palooza, and brought her voice recorder along with her, interviewing both workshop leaders and participants.  Julia shares her experiences and insight, and lets us listen in on some of the workshops.  Join us for an episode of community-building, information-gathering, knowledge-sharing, and a lot of plain old fun!

Click here to download. (0:14:16)

Click here for the complete transcript.

Click here for more information on Learn-a-Palooza 
The Podcasts 7/31/08 12:54 PM Idealist Community

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