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13 November 2009

How to Bounce Back From Job-Search Rejection


How to Bounce Back From Job-Search Rejection

Waldo Waldman | November 04, 2009

Im sorry Mr. Jones, hired another candidate.

Your passion is great, but we just dont think youre the right fit for our company.

Thank you for your time, but we regret to inform you that all our slots are filled for the position youre applying for.

We appreciate your application, but we have found a more qualified candidate.

Have you received an e-mail or call like that lately?  Felt lousy, didnt it?

Well, in this battered economy with competition at an all time high across all employment sectors, rejection plagues hardworking, talented people like you every day. The truth is, if you dont have thick skin and dont put yourself out there to get shot down by the missiles of rejection, then your job search is going to be a long and painful process…more

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