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25 January 2010

Building Bridges Second Changes Mentoring Program

FROM DEBRA MORRISON:  Divine Intervention Ministries has partnered with the PA Prison Society and the Department of Corrections to launch The Building Bridges Second Changes Mentoring Program initiative in Pgh.  If anyone is interested  in being a mentor  have them contact me at 412-303-5043.  Please see attached Flyers for more specific information.

This mentoring opportunity will appear as an Action Team item during our meeting on 29JAN2010. (see 3rd Attachment)

RSVP, if you haven’t already. Seating will be limited.

Jim Reid

412.464.4000 x4034

SouthWestern PA Re-Entry Coalition Coordinator

Mon Valley Initiative

303/305 East Eighth Ave

Homestead, PA 15120-1517

Fax: 412.464.1750

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