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10 February 2010


via Prison Talk by mztiamarie on 2/10/10

Sooo me and my husband got into a really big argument that I kind of knew was coming. You know how they say they are fine but being their partner you can hear it in their voice? Well it just seems like he was waiting for an opportunity to get his stress out and usually I do not mind at all to listen and let him get it out, but today it was just so dumb! Being pregnant does not help me trying to stand my ground because I can cry at a cute puppy on tv right now and I was just all tears today! Kind of caught him off guard, lol. I just feel powerless because it ended with us both saying "f@*! it!" with no "I love you" or anything. It's not like I can call him back and make up. :angry:

So basically just wondering what do you all do when there is a disagreement?

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