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25 February 2010

Family Services of Western Pennsylvania Transportation Services

Family Services of Western Pennsylvania provides a unique service to families of incarcerated men and women. 

The objective is to maintain and strengthen family relationships with a belief that family members, especially children, need continued contact with their parents, even during incarceration. 

The emphasis is to assist family members to cope with the stressful period when a loved one is incarcerated.

Services Provided:

Low-cost transportation to most State and Federal prisons in Pennsylvania.
Individual and family counseling.
Education about the criminal justice system.
Virtual Visitation allows families to visit with inmates at some state prisons, without leaving Pittsburgh, via video conferencing.
Call 412-661-1670 x 820 for more information about our counseling services
To read the latest Families Outside news click here.

For additional information contact:  412-661-1670, Ext. 682

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