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10 April 2010

Support for Parolees?

via Prison Talk by MizSunshine on 4/10/10

I am just curious as to the support available for Parolees once they get out. My guy violated his parole (first time) for possession of marijuana (grr!!) and is still at county awaiting court.

I am not sure if he'll get to come home, or if he'll be back to prison for the violation. I am not trying to get my hopes up.

However, I am still wondering what kind of resources there are for those on Parole that I can research for when he does get out - whether now or if years from now so he doesn't repeat his mistakes. I am obviously not going to force anything on him, but I want to be prepared.

I want him to be able to live away from that neighborhood, even though he had a good job there. I want him to find a good job again, but not be around those people who he allows to bring him down. And if that isn't realistic, some kind of support system to keep him strong and away from the influence of those family members who continue to live doing illegal things.

Again, nothing I will ever force on him. I just wonder that if he had a better support system if he wouldn't have been in the situation that got him arrested in the first place.

He is a highly intelligent educated man, who was almost finished with a degree, and I am so afraid that the fact that he quite possibly screwed that up will weigh on him if and when he gets out and will discourage him.

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