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21 May 2010

Global Tel Link Opinions.

via Prison Talk by MizSunshine on 5/21/10

Now that I'm drawing to an end with having to deal with GTL, I have to overall say that I have surprisingly few complaints with my prepay account.

I was initially frustrated, because I could NOT set up my account using the automated system when I received my first phone call, it kept declining my card.

I was finally able to get through to Customer Service who set my account up and did the first charge. I should have been able to use the Automated System after that, but I can't - it declines through there, but if I speak to a person, it always goes through. Annoying that I can't do it at my convenience, but I still get the money on the phone.

On two occasions, my calls were terminated due to "3rd Party Calls", when I was doing nothing but sitting here having a conversation. Annoying, but he was able to call right back and continue as normal. Both times I called GTL and received a credit back to my account for the ENTIRE CALL within 4 days, after the calls were reviewed by staff and it was proven that I wasn't using 3way calling.

Staff has always been pleasant and adding money to my account with them, as well as dealing with the 2 terminated calls has been easy and stress free. There is one man named Kwan who I've somehow managed to get on the phone at least 5 times and he always apologizes for my issues with the automated system, and we joke about it.

It is VERY expensive ($5 for 15 min), and I am glad to not have to deal with it soon, as VConnect will be so much cheaper, but overall I'm satisfied. I can talk to my loved one daily and all issues have been solved politely and promptly. Which has been a HUGE relief after some of the horror stories I've read here.

I am looking forward to cheaper calls soon, and hopefully the actual service and customer service with VConnect will be as nice as with GTL.

And I hope that people start getting treated as well as I have by GTL, because I am very surprised my experience has been a good one!

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