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19 July 2010

I got a job and a plan!


via Prison Talk by BBKT on 7/19/10

It's not much of a job, but I'm glad for it!!! :D

I got hired on at a Subway franchise two weeks ago. They didn't ask on the app about felonies, but they asked later and I told them about it even knowing they wouldn't do a background check. I think what helped me is that my felony is not work-related, not violent, not drug/alcohol involved, and not against a person. So when I explained it, they said it wouldn't be a problem. Yay!

The owner of the franchise owns four stores in the area, so I'll be floating between the stores and better my chances of getting full time hours. I'm almost done with house arrest (2 more weeks) so after that, my time constraints will be lifted and I can work over the set 40 hours a week. I plan on getting hired at another Subway close to our house. I will then work my butt off for the next year to get our credit card paid off (lawyer fees) and my husband's car, and then start building our savings.

Has anyone tried work-at-home call center jobs through Rat Race Rebellion? I've heard good things about Alpine Access, but I think they run a background check. Can anyone give me some tips to getting in to this field? I want to do something while I'm sitting at home between my Subway shifts. I'm determined to milk my time for all it's worth! I know that CNAs here can get jobs fairly easily even if you have felonies. I know several people who have been hired on in nursing homes and convolescent facilities after they have put a few years between them and their convictions. Through my husband's work, I can get up to $6,000 toward tuition in this type of field. I want to do it, but I want the credit card paid off first.

Our ultimate goal is to get financially stable, wipe out our credit card debt and save enough money to start a family. I'm turning 27 tomorrow and we don't want this fenoly to govern the rest of our lives. We're ready to put it behind us and move on with our lives. :D

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