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25 July 2010

What about some ME TIME

via Prison Talk by myluv4ever on 7/25/10

What about me is the question??? We are all here for our loved ones right??? We send them packages, money, letters, our love, put money on the accts so they can call & go visit them etc. On top of that we do these things as follow:
go to school
pay bills
take care of the kids such as taking/picking them up from school/daycare, making sure their homework is done, taking them to practice softball/football or dance etc
cook dinner
shopping 4 the kids/house
cleaning house
Which is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
After all that is said and done @..the end of the day you've sent him/her out a package, accepted a phone , wrote a letter, cooked dinner,feed the kids gave them a bath and put them to bed& cleaned the house. :)
What have you done 4 yourself. I know that for alot of us its just like a habit that we've gotten ourselves into which is not bad don't get me wrong. We have to do it:)
Just step back for a moment and ask yourself .
Sorry this thread is so long but I just would like to know if you have any ME time for youself? If so what is it that you do? If not you Deserve IT.. try it sometimes:) As for myself I put a little$$ up so I could have some ME time once every two weeks. I step away from the prison life & home and go out to dinner with a girlfriend, or buy myself a pair of socks, nice panty/bra set, get my nails done , a book etc. It dont have to be much but just a little something for yourself it will make you feel good :)

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