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13 March 2011

A 'WTF' comment of the week

via The New Black Woman by (The New Black Woman) on 3/13/11

Shout out to CNBC's Larry Kudlow for forcing everyone to scratch their heads in trying to understand what you meant, when referring to Japan's earthquake and tsunami and how its stock market responded, by declaring "the human toll looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that."

Did anyone notice the confused and embarrassed looks on the two female correspondents' faces when he made these comments?

Anyway, I'm sure many folks will find Kudlow's seemingly callous and abhorrent remarks typical of a pro-capitalism media personality who makes his livelihood on analyzing the economy. I just hope this economy pundit has the brains to understand that mass human suffering and death never fairs well for any economy.

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