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24 June 2008

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State Probes Ex-Mayview Patients Deaths, Arrests
The state is investigating a series of violent incidents involving people who have received psychiatric treatment at Mayview State Hospital.

Political Redistricting Shifts Debate
After nearly losing to a political rookie in 2000, then-House Majority Leader John Perzel found a way to survive in elections to come: he had his Northeast Philadelphia...

Viral Video Tips From Queen Rania
In 4 steps, Jordan’s Queen Rania shows you how to create video clips designed break down stereotypes.
It’s fascinating to watch what Rania is doing with YouTube and how she’s using it as a platform to encourage understanding between cultures. 
Does it still count as citizen media, though, when you’re the Queen of Jordan?

World Refugee Day
World Refugee Day started out as Africa Refugee Day. Africa has the highest numbers of refugees in the world perhaps resulting from a higher level or civic unrest, human displacement and tragedy. So what is the relevance of this day today? Well the fact is that there are some 40 million refugees world wide today.

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