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6 December 2009

Does your man have standards about where he'll work?

via Prison Talk by LadyBabyJoker on 12/6/09

So I was talkin to my baby who's comin home in just 3 days about him finding a job when he gets out... I told him I don't care if he's workin at Micky D's flippin burgers for min. wage only 20 hours a week I just want him to have income to help me out with the bills. His response, ABSOLUTELY NO WAY HES WORKIN AT MICKY D'S! I was like what? How can someone with no work history besides prison kitchens, someone with a felony, in an economy like this, let alone right before christmas when all the seasonal help is hired be picky? I'm a little frustrated about it I just want him to help me out and bring in money and I don't care where it is! He only has to work there until he can find something better....

Does anyone else's man have standards like this? How do I approach him and let him know I really just need him to find a job asap not wait around for an amazing place to hire him?

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