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1 February 2010

From Rick Flanagan

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Feel free to forward out this information
1) Attend the next Pittsburgh Public Schools East Regional Advisory Committee meeting to be held at Pittsburgh Peabody on Tuesday, February 9th beginning at 7 PM. Provide input into a plan that will shape the region's academic and facilities operations for the east section of the City of Pittsburgh. This is a very timely and important event. Do not let this plan move forward without your input!
2) Below and attached is inform on JOBS, JOBS, JOBS along with some amazing trainings and jobs informational sessions.
3) Lastly, do you have risk factors that put you at risk for Kidney disease-- if so, get screened before it is to late. On March 11th the Kidney Foundation is sponsoring a very valuable screening at Kingsley Association. Sign up now because slots are limited. Check out the attached flyer. Feel free to distribute and post this flyer as you wish.

Download now or preview on posterous
ENECflyer.pdf (171 KB)

Download now or preview on posterous
KidneyScreening.pdf (124 KB)

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