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5 February 2010


via Prison Talk by justjoni1223 on 2/5/10

I am just so angry and pissed off right now that I cant see straight. My daughter is dating the most sweet and loving person I have ever met BUT he happens to have a felony conviction on his record from when he was just a very very young man:eek:. He cant get a job no matter what:angry:, he applys and applys to companys (he has a degree and has served time in the armed forces). I found him a job today on Craigs List and he was turned down Bcause of his past record for which he has served his time and just because he has that Stupid thing on his record ( that will follow him around for a life time) he didnt get the job.............

I just dont even know what to think when Dusty gets out. How is he going to stay out of prison if they require him to have a job when no one is willing to hire him????? Even if there is any jobs out there in a year in 1/2 or 2 what will he do????

I want to know what in the heck can we all do to change this CRAZY mixed up system???

Thanks, I just needed to vent a little!!!

Hugs, my other Family

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