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6 July 2010

Does it get harder the closer to his release?

via Prison Talk by helpaworriedmom on 7/4/10

Maybe I should give just a little background info. My son has been incarcerated since 2006. Late last year, he called and asked me what high school I went to and told me that another inmate was asking if we were related. well to make a long story short, it was an old boyfriend from high school. We were always crazy about each other then and come to find out we still are. He has been wonderful in helping my son (who has a chronic illness) and we all know how well the DOC takes care of their medical needs. Anyway, my friend which is now my boyfriend, will be coming home soon. But it seems that the closer the day gets, the worse the waiting gets. Since my son still has quite a bit of time, I have not gone through this release thing before. Is it going to get even harder as we count down the last little bit of time?? Just wondering.

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