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21 December 2009

Frequently Asked & Answered (FAAA)

Trying to get a Job with a Federal Conviction

Posted by Adogzheart


Hi from David D,

I’m seeking employment. I just did 10 and a half months in federal prison for contraband cigarettes. I’m a tractor trailer driver but I see that companies have an issue with me being a felon. My crime not a serious one but a problem. Can you help me?


Hello David,

There is little that can be done about your record as far as expungement. In that regard, the only available option is a Presidential pardon, which not many are granted.

I suggest to felons (poor word choice--j/r) looking for jobs with difficult situations is to contact elected officials. Contact all you can think of. City Council members, State Assemblymen, State Senators and the Congressmen from your district. These are all powerful people with many contacts.

In a well written letter, express your desire to be employed and once again become a productive member of society. Never ask for a job. Simply ask for suggestions that would help your situation. Always include your resume and contact information. Elected officials have staff members that answer letters and respond to inquiries from citizens. This method works well for ex-offenders that are skilled but meet with opposition due to to having criminal records.

I hope this helps.

Posted via email from the Un-Official Southwestern PA Re-Entry Coalition Blog

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