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20 December 2009

Is your man making good use of his time in prison or.....

via Prison Talk by marcsbeth on 12/20/09

Is your man a go getter even from prison or is he kinda lazy and prefers cards/domino's,sleeping versus taking classes,etc????? marc is adamantly determined NOT to return to prison!! his day is as follows;he gets up every morning at 4 am to write me.then he has breakfast,does his cleanup detail(his job),if there's money on the phone he calls me then.then he goes to welding class in the morning,masonry class in the afternoon and school in the evening.that's mon-thurs.he says he's determined not to waste time even in prison. he says he's trying to be realistic and realizing what he faces upon release ie,jobs are hard to come by,people's upturned noses,etc etc and he's wanting to learn some skills so he may have a better chance at finding work plus he wants schooling,too. but he said out of a couple thousand inmates only 4 signed up for the masonry course and he says he just thinks it's a shame how so many guys seem not to care at all about improving their lives and since he's been at the prison he's at he's seen so many guys leave and come back and he gets so disgusted cause he says they act like they don't even care. they come walking back in clapping each other on the back etc and he just thinks it's ridiculous.for me personally,if i had a man who was adamantly saying he wants to change his life yet wasn't taking any steps to do just that,i'd have a hard time believing him. so,what's your man like??? does he willingly participate in anything that could help him or do you have to push him??!! Ironically,i think the best thing marc did in prison is get counseling. that really seemed to help him and our relationship as he's learned some really good communication skills!!(my favorite being,"beth you have the right to feel any way you want to feel....") that's very calming to me if i'm upset about something!! anyway,not bragging or anything but i really am proud of my man's efforts to improve himself!!

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