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22 December 2009

Note from Outside:

via Prison Talk by marcsbeth on 12/22/09

ok,I love marc to death. 99% of the time he's very good to me.he doesn't cheat,verbally abuse me,in denial about what he's done wrong, whine about conditions where he's at, none of that crap.but a couple years ago he sent me a poem claiming he wrote(when i asked after seeing the same poem in a book) and i was so mad he never did it again until today i got a letter from him and on the envelope was a beautiful saying and underneath he wrote his name but unbeknownst to him i've read that saying before in a sayings book i have and i know darn well he didn't write it. i'm so mad!! I thought we were past that kind of thing. to be fair,i'm already extremely stressed out about other things i don't discuss on here(my ex is taking me to court to try and get his child support reduced and that pays my rent and i have to cough up money to pay an attny) so i don't know if i'm making a mountain out of a molehill or if i should insist on utmost integrity.I don't know why he would even do this??? he's changed so much it's really great and to cause me to lose respect for him and try and take credit for something he didn't do really really upsets me. I don't do that to him.He's 43 yrs old and this just seems so childish.I'm not writing him about it right now cause i'm not thinking straight,but honestly i'm disappointed in him and i don't know how to handle it.I don't want to treat him like a child.also to be fair he's overlooked MANY of my inadequacies and flaws but i'm just wondering if i'm setting myself up for failure if i overlook this. i have no problem posting when i'm proud of him so i hope no one minds when i post when i'm disappointed in him.

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