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20 January 2010

Governor Announces Mid-Year Budget Cuts as Revenues Dwindle

Last week, the Rendell Administration identified $161 million in cuts to Pennsylvania's 2009-10 state budget to address a revenue shortfall driven by the severe recession. These funds are actually being placed in budgetary reserve, rather than being cut, but because of the revenue deficit it is unlikely that those funds will be available.

The plan eliminates 33 line items, including state funding for health care facilities, bio-technology research, regional community college services, rural cancer outreach, zoos, and regional history centers. More than 240 other programs, including county child welfare, mental health services, autism intervention, children’s health insurance, and Pre-K Counts, received cuts ranging from 1% to 97%. Funds from the cuts are being put into budgetary reserve, meaning they cannot be spent.

Déjà Vu, All Over Again: How Did We Get Here?

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