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20 January 2010

Please Fire Me: Hate on the Job You Can’t Leave

via Business Pundit by Drea on 1/20/10

Need to vent your dissatisfaction at work? Please Fire Me is a new blog devoted to the simple, oft-creative rants of dissatisfied employees. Pretty funny stuff:

Please fire me. I rarely have violent ideations except for when I’m at work, in which I imagine elaborate and gory fork-related murders.

please fire me

Please fire me. My boss thinks he’s a hipster but he’s actually just an aging, balding hippie who can afford hipster clothes.

Please fire me. My office only has one men’s bathroom and I can’t look my bosses in the eyes after hearing the noises they’ve made in there.

Please fire me. I am being forced to attend a “team building” Karaoke party. It’s on a Saturday. That’s my day off. I have to drive 100+ miles roundtrip to do it. Attendance is not optional.

Reading these makes me glad I’m self-employed.

Waste more time here.

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