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4 March 2010

Homeless Japan

via Tokyo Times by Lee on 3/3/10

When it comes to the street photography seen on so much of this site, I generally have no qualms in quite often surreptitiously snapping people as they busily go about their business, but in regards to Tokyo’s increasingly visible homeless, picture taking seems somehow exploitative, or at the very least invasively voyeuristic.

And yet at the same time, with the number of those living on the streets rapidly growing, combined with very little support or assistance — and sometimes even a hindering of what help there actually is — it feels like to not photograph them, and therefore their plight, is to be equally culpable in what could easily be classed as a cruel and uncaring cover up.

So here, for what they are worth, are a few,

Tokyo homeless

of the unfortunately not so very,

Tokyo homeless


Tokyo homeless

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