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4 March 2010

Inside $$$

via Prison Talk by allmb on 3/4/10

During my wife's last parole board hearing she was attacked for her lack of fiscal responsibility. Apparently $10,412 saved at $40/month over 22 years was insifficient if she was going to frivolously fritter away her money on getting her hair done prior to meeting with the board.

Anyway, it's just one thing of many they took issue with but my wife recently had a great idea. She loves to bead and contemplated aloud what the impact on the board would be if she was able to sell her beadwork, perhaps on consignment, and get checks coming in to her trust account by her initiative and labor.

I decided to explore the possibility and talked to a couple of local businesses who said that they would be only too happy to display her work on consignment and help out.


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