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16 May 2008

15 Tips for Life: Little Things to Make Life Easier and More Fun

  1. Cleaning the toilet a pain? Just take 1 can of coke, pour around the bowl and leave overnight. Flush in the morning and job done!
  2. Fuel prices getting you down? Try adding some pure acetone to your tank and your mile per gallon will shoot up!
  3. On the subject of cars, did you know you use less fuel using your brakes to come to a stop than letting your car slow itself down.
  4. Like to surf the internet? Download Firefox as an alternative to internet explorer, its faster and easier!
  5. Ever think that shops are ripping you off? Ask for the manager and say you're paying in cash if the price is 10% lower, you'll be surprised what you can achieve!
  6. Want a new mobile from a network, but its cheaper on another? Networks are told to undercut any other networks but only on request, so make sure you bring it up!
  7. Want to save money on....everything? Try and see how much cashback you could get!
  8. Did you know all coke machines can be hacked? Imagine the buttons are numbered downwards 1, 2 ,3 4. The default code to access the configuration screen is 4, 2, 3, 1
  9. Oil on your hands, cant seem to get it off? Try putting sugar and washing up liquid together and washing your hands in it!
  10. Tired of not being paid to search? Try this.
  11. Cats in your garden? Spray lemon juice around the edges, they hate it!
  12. Water bills too high? Put a brick in the back tank of your toilet, this will make it use less per flush!
  13. Another water tip, try buying a water conserving shower head, they actually feel better than regular shower heads and use considerably less water!
  14. Did you know giving lampposts are sharp kick will turn them off for a few minutes? This is great entertainment for those long walks at night!
  15. Want a drink but don't like carbonated ones? Add a pinch of sugar to any carbonated drink and it will become still, watch out though it's quite explosive!
Socyberty 5/14/08 1:39 PM

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