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17 January 2008

Doozla: Skitch for Kids
Doozla: Skitch for Kids

Ahh, MacWorld, one of my favorite times of the year (and not just because it happens to be right around my birthday). Not only did his Jobsiness bless us mere mortals with such goodies as the MacBook Air, and the Apple TV (take 2), but it gives us a chance to see software releases from other independent Mac developers.

Plasq, a company well known in the Mac software industry (and a favorite of mine) this year introduced Doozla. Doozla is basically a refined version of Skitch (which we’ve written about before), but without the same level of screenshot integration, and a bumped up UI and demeanor that screams let your kids play with me!

Doozla is a fresh-looking program just announced at MacWorld this week. Its purpose is to “Play to Learn”, and it encourages young Mac users to explore their creative sides and just have fun. It’s a far cry from the coloring books of yesteryear, and IMHO, a nice step for the future...MORE

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