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17 January 2008

'There's been war since this morning.'
Reporting Acts of Violence in Kenya

Via reader K.P., this new website allows witnesses of violence in Kenya to report on it in real time. The site uses Google Maps to identify the precise location within Kenya where a specific act of violence has occurred, with the acts of violence searchable by category (e.g. death, looting, rape, etc.) For a specific act to appear on the map, the incident must be verified.

This is a fascinating way for outsiders to experience and understand the scope of violence that has wracked Kenya since the New Year. Violence, like this:
Kenya sunk further into violence on Wednesday as police battled with protesters across the country, shooting several, according to witnesses, while opposition leaders vowed to press ahead with the protests.
The worst violence was in Kisumu, Kenya's third largest city and an opposition stronghold, where mobs of furious young men hurled stones at police officers, who responded by charging into the crowds and firing their guns.

"There’s been war since the morning," said Eric Otieno, a mechanic in Kisumu. "The police are whipping women, children, everyone."...MORE

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